by Barbara London
Publisher's Description
The classic photography textbook is available again, in a newly revised, 20th Anniversary edition. With extensive historical (including a fine timeline) and technical information (covering everything from the most basic aperture and shutter speed questions through the zone system) London & Upton's Photography is one of the most comprehensive textbooks available.
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A picture tells a thousand stories, but the one it doesn't tell is how the shot was made. Barbara London and John Upton's Photography is an all-inclusive look at the craft of photography. This book will help any amateur move up a few notches, and it serves as a refresher course for professionals as well. The sixth edition of this classic work (the first was published in 1976) includes a companion Web site with interactive activities, Web resources, and a learning archive. Amply illustrated with at least one photograph or diagram on almost every page, Photography is the one reference work every student of photography must have--even those who will never set foot in a classroom. --Brenda Pittsley
ISBN: 0321011082
Publisher: Longman Pub Group
Paperback : 408 pages
Language: English
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