Katharina Bosse

A portrait of the artist as a young mother
by Collectif
Publisher's Description
There are few comments, few representations of what being a mother is today. Oddly enough, this basic passage, fundamental and founding, seems to be carefully left in the blind spot of a society which does not mind in the least infringing people’s private life. This has nothing to do with coincidence but rather with a taboo. And that is why the latest series of Katharina Bosse’s photographs in which the artist performs with her own children, is surprising, amazing, frightening, terrifying. This new series, a turning point in her work, for once meets her own experience straight out. This new series by Bosse, disquieting and daring, reveals, with humour and boldness, this multi-faceted, extremely complex, underestimated process: the birth of a mother. (Véronique Bouruet-Aubertot)

ISBN: 235046217X
Publisher: Filigranes Editions
Hardcover Language: French
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