Luuk Wilmering

Luuk Wilmering: A Natural History (French Edition)
by Marieke Wiegel
Publisher's Description
Luuk Wilmering’s (Haarlem 1957) work includes amongst others installations, collages, photography, drawings and paintings. In his work, he continually investigates, not without humour, his position as a person and as an artist. The mirror-effect between the artist and his public is an important element in his work. In his collages, he takes his images out of context in the same way as he repeatedly takes himself as artist out of the context of general artistic practice. Edited by Luuk Wilmering, this is a catalogue accompanying his exhibition at the Institut Ne´erlandais in Paris.
ISBN: 2350462234
Publisher: Filigranes / Luuk Wilmering
Paperback : 96 pages
Language: French
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