Pascal Lainé

La fille sans fin : conte photographique joué par Sophie Caffarel
by Pascal Lainé
Publisher's Description
This book is a provocative and multi-faceted exploration of the archetypes of seduction. Pascal Lainé takes the reader on a psychological journey through different scenarios, which he has arranged and documented in photographs. All of the images are nude portraits of an actress named Sophie Caffarel, who plays out the various feminine roles Lainé has layed out in the text. The setting is unique--a Parisian building under construction--and Lainé and Caffarel make ample use of the surrounding materials: paint, clay, ladders, stairways, washbasins, and, in one instance, a firepole. A compelling study of voyeurism, with some inventive conclusions.
ISBN: 2732421286
Paperback Language: French
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