Photographier les plantes au XIXe siècle (French Edition)
by Caroline Fieschi
Publisher's Description
From reproductions of herbarium sheets and samples of plant fossil records of plant physiology experiments, photomicrographies of algae or fungi, to wood cuts of vegetation on all continents, the images in botany books are greatly diverse. Through 50 some European examples, displaying a wide range in processes of reproduction, these images are remarkable in their context of production and dissemination, but not only as technical achievements, but also visual. At the crossroads of the history of books, science and photography, this book presents the extent of the diversity of the formal and technical, showing a collection of still largely ignored photographs of the nineteenth century: images stored in a banal object, the book, and so long neglected by historiography. The books can shed light on the practice of their authors, botanists, teachers, travelers, both in the collection of images and in their insertion into later publications.
ISBN: 2735506541
Paperback Language: French
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