Lorenzo Castore

Paradiso [Hardcover]
by Lorenzo Castore
Publisher's Description

Anyone who has been to Cuba will have been struck by the physical presence of colour in this jewel of the Caribbean; by the luxuriance of the sunsets and by the way that, at different hours of the day, the light intensifies the colours. For Lorenzo Castore, in his dynamic photographs of Cuba and Mexico, colour is everything. He uses it in extraordinary ways, conveying a rich sense of place and atmosphere. The subjects he chooses are everyday situations – the bars, the cafes, the streets – and the resulting images are revealing and powerful.

Award winning photographer Lorenzo Castore was born in Florence in 1973. A member of Agence VU, he has worked in Europe, India, United States, Cuba and Mexico and has exhibited his work throughout Europe.
ISBN: 2742757295
Hardcover Language: French
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