Camargue (French Edition)
by Josef Koudelka
Publisher's Description
In his newest collection of panoramic photographs, Magnum photographer Josef Koudelka takes as his subject the vast river delta south of Arles, France. Known as the Camargue, the area was designated as a national park and nature preserve in 1972, incorporating lands that had enjoyed protected status as a regional park since 1927. This vast marshland - with its beds of thick reeds, isolated roads, and salt-water lakes - stretches all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, providing ample space for over 400 species of birds, as well as wild horses and other large mammals. Koudelka's bucolic compositions eloquently capture the wild, isolated feel of the place, ranging in subject from the riotous movements of horses around a small lake to quiet contemplation of wooden paths suspended above the marshes.
ISBN: 2742761748
Publisher: Actes Sud
Paperback Language: French
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