Juergen Teller

Juergen Teller - Touch Me
by Eric Troncy
Publisher's Description
Catalogue of a singular exhibition that, rather than focusing on the famous images made by Juergen Teller for fashion and luxury industries, aims to underline the particular aesthetic dimension of his photographic work in general. Based on an installation at Le Consortium and shot by the artist himself, they possess his own point of view, his own way to hang the images on a wall, which becomes an infinite background. It breaks or interrupts, along the pages, the sequence of the photographs by inserting another world – the world of the day after, the next step after the viewer’s look. Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibitions at Le Consortium, Dijon and the Daelim Contemporary Art Museum in Seoul.
ISBN: 2840664607
Publisher: Presses Du Reel
Hardcover : 138 pages
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