Gandhara: The Memory of Afghanistan
by Berenice Geoffrey-Schneiter
Publisher's Description
"Gandhara was a historic region in the northwest of ancient India, currently Pakistan and Afghanistan, best known for its Greco-Buddhist school of sculpture. In its interpretation of Buddhist legends, the Gandhara school incorporated many motifs and techniques from classical Roman art while remaining Indian at its core. It depicted Buddha in human form for the first time, blending Hellenistic and Indian influences, often with features resembling the Greek god Apollo. Today, despite an international outcry, Afghanistan's ruling Taliban religious army has instituted a policy of demolishing all Gandhara statues, calling them 'un-Islamic.' Exquisitely illustrated, 'Gandhara: The Memory of Afghanistan' pays tribute to an art under siege, documenting its importance in world history."-the publisher
ISBN: 2843232945
Publisher: Assouline
Hardcover : 80 pages
Language: English
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