Evelyn Hofer

Stones Of Florence (Illustrated Ed): Illustrated Edition
by Mary McCarthy
Publisher's Description
First published in 1959 and long out-of-print, this classic book on Florence containing the extraordinary view camera work of Evelyn Hofer is once again in print.
Amazon.com Review
It becomes evident from the first page of The Stones of Florence that Mary McCarthy loves her subject. Yet hers is the steady love of a long acquaintance, an affection that has deepened from mere infatuation to a steady, clear-eyed regard. In this witty tribute to Florence, Mary McCarthy explores the city's past and present, in the process offering up a tour that covers everything from a description of oil painting to the remarkable history behind Florence's many towers. The Stones of Florence is ideal for reading on the plane ride to Italy, but it's also perfect for armchair travelers, art lovers, and students of the Renaissance.
ISBN: 0156850818
Publisher: Mariner Books
Paperback : 288 pages
Language: English
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