Mimi Craven

Something To Hold
by Sharon Stone
Publisher's Description
Something to Hold, a book about guardian angels and their ability to help anyone, even the most isolated people. Each one of us is attached to an angel who guides us and protects us from birth to death. These guardian angels, present in most cultures since the Greeks and Romans, are our daily companions. Once we communicate with them, their light energy may help us. The images of this very unique book show different representations of angels, and inspired the reflective text written by Sharon Stone: ‘They encompass the feeling that I have when I meet others who are looking for some kind of solace,’ she says. A book to revel in, over and over, as much for its message as for its emotionally charged beauty. Completing this testimony, is a guide in which readers can identify the angel associated with their dates of birth.
ISBN: 2843236843
Publisher: Assouline
Hardcover : 120 pages
Language: English
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