Antoine D'agata - Stigma (French Edition)
by Philippe Azoury
Publisher's Description
A dark and brooding photographic investigation into the less glamorous side of prostitution and the people and bodies that occupy this world. In his accompanying text Philippe Azoury captures the atmosphere found in these images succinctly; ‘In the obscure darkness where flesh, words and thought disappear in a pool of putrefaction, deviation and excess seem to have granted them special awareness of what it is to exist. Their voiceless cries express the unbearable feeling that their own existence has gone too far. The bare crudity of the human condition fixed on photograph….’

About the Limited Edition

In 2009 Antoine d'Agata himself had 34 last copies of two titles: the very graphic signature of the photographer is on the cover while the numbering is affixed to the back cover. These books are now the last copies available to the editor and have been carefully preserved for collectors. Seventeen of the thirty-four copies of this special edition are available-for-sale, the remaining copies are reserved for the author.
ISBN: 2849950092
Publisher: Images En Manoeuvres
Hardcover : 64 pages
Language: French
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