Philippe Grollier

Cannes - Temps Machine (French Edition)
by Various
Publisher's Description
Whether it’s a quick nip across the Croisette or a long wait standing outside or inside the Festival Palace, Cannes Festival nearly always leaves a collection of dazzling memories in participant’s minds. The glamour and the buzz around those going up the steps have a large part to play here: being able to ascertain that the charm of such and such a star still works off-screen is a worthwhile experience that merits being recounted to one’s close friends back home. Climbing the steps is a symbol in Cannes under the battery of flashing cameras, it’s mainly done in slow motion with pauses. Photographs by Vincent Leroux, Yannick Labrousse, Philippe Grollier, Patrice Normand, and Valentine Vermeil.
ISBN: 2849951617
Publisher: Images En Manoeuvres Editions
Hardcover : 144 pages
Language: French
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