Hana Jakrlova: Big Sister (French Edition)
by Hana Jakrlova
Publisher's Description
A recent avatar of the ‘Televisual Galaxy’ and of the sex-business, ‘Big Sister’ is a brothel situated in the centre of Prague. Clients come to satisfy their desires with the “residents” or as a couple, in rooms with kitsch type decoration. In compensation, they sign an agreement authorising the management to film their activities and to circulate them on the internet site ‘Big Sister’, the main source of revenue of the business. Objectively, and not without humour, Hana Jakrlova has photographed this 21st century brothel, banishing any provocation from her pictures which only show glimpses of parts of the body, and reveal the omnipresence of the cameras and monitors which have become silent and implacable spies.
ISBN: 2849951846
Publisher: Images En Manoeuvres Editions
Hardcover : 156 pages
Language: French
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