Thibaut Cuisset

Thibaut Cuisset - Nulle Part Ailleurs La Bouilladisse (French Edition)
by A. Jullien J-c Bailly
Publisher's Description
The Bouilladisse commune in the heart of the Provence, is a wide open territory whose inhabitants reside primarily along a roadway and around its outlaying hamlets. Its richly preserved landscapes remain a mystery to many. The commune’s mission is to manage this natural heritage by consolidating protection of the environment and local development. In the framework of the 100th year of its creation it has taken the initiative to commission photographic work to capture this. Thibaut Cuisset was an obvious choice. His work is devoted to large landscapes that he tackles in an intimate way. While this is not an exhaustive inventory, it is a succession of shots where the land shows all its depth, singularity and truth. The book contains an essay by Jean-Christophe Bailly.
ISBN: 2849952028
Publisher: Images En Manoeuvres Editions
Hardcover : 64 pages
Language: French
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