Hans Bellmer

Hans Bellmer: Photographe (French Edition)
by Hans Bellmer
Publisher's Description
This is a French edition of the book described above. Published in cooperation with the Centre Georges Pompidou, this is a thorough documentation of the work of this Polish-born artist. Working together with such artists as John Heartfield, Otto Dix and George Grosz in the 1920s, Bellmer was also known for his work with the French Surrealists. He began his constructions of female dolls in 1933, "consumating," as Alain Sayag writes in the book's introduction, "his rupture with society." His work with living models, like his doll constructions, is highly disturbing.
ISBN: 2850184837
Publisher: Centre Georges Pompidou
Hardcover : 151 pages
Language: French
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