1968 Magnum Throughout the World
by Marc Weitzmann
Publisher's Description
Thirty years ago the world seemed on the verge of either revolution or destruction. Paris rioted, political assignations were rampant, and the U.S. was at war in Vietnam. Magnum saw it all. This poignant yearbook is a testament to the power of photojournalism at its best and a dizzying survey of recent history; the triumphs and failures of our newly international world. At the time the agency included Josef Koudelka, W. Eugene Smith, Marc Riboud, Eve Arnold, Don McCullin, Bruce Davidson, Danny Lyon, Gilles Peress, Elliot Erwitt, Phillip Jones Griffith, and many others.
ISBN: 2850255882
Publisher: Distributed Art Publishers (DAP)
Hardcover : 267 pages
Language: English
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