Cristina García Rodero

Espagne Occulte
by Cristina Garcia Rodero
Publisher's Description
This tour de force by recently "discovered" Spanish photographer Cristina García Rodero shows the people of Spain expressing the extremes of their traditional culture--religious devotion mixes with profane and exotic celebrations. The outcome is a weird and exciting amalgam of images--religious celebrations and processions, bull fights, dances, bacchanals, weddings, feasts, and funerals. Toreadors and midgets, housewives and priests, children and the aged are captured in moments of passion, sadness, joy, abandon, and oblivion. This book introduces Americans to Rodero, well-known in Spain but first discovered in the U.S. at Houston's Fotofest 1990.
ISBN: 2859490957
Publisher: Contrejour
Hardcover Language: French
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