Augustin v Casasola (Photo poche) (French Edition)
by Poche Photo
Publisher's Description
The history of photography abounds in the discovery of unknown, brilliant photographers like E.J. Bellocq, Martín Chambi, and scrapbook keeper Jack Huddleston. Augustin Casasola, a photojournalist in early twentieth century Mexico, is one such find. With a large-format camera, he recorded the gritty occurences of a nation on its way to revolution. These images are filled with the kind of quirky micro events--sharply observed--the smile of a prostitute, the manner of a policeman, that turn mere reportage into the finest of histories. Not for everyone. Although Augustin Casasola is filled with bizarre evidence of a different era, it does at times rush past humor into overt brutality.
ISBN: 2867540801
Publisher: Centre National de la Photographie
Paperback Language: French
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