Adventures with Pinhole and Home-Made Cameras
by John Evans
Publisher's Description
As technology takes away more and more of the decision making in photography the process is becoming ever more depersonalized. Adventures with Pinhole & Homemade Cameras aims to put the fun back into making pictures by showing how to build and use your own cameras. The simplest type of home-made camera is the pinhole, which can be made out of anything - matchboxes, coke cans even wheelie dustbins. But they do have limitations. By adding a simple lens to the front, image quality can be radically improved, and with a few craft skills you can add perspective movements, viewfinders, and film advance mechanisms. The book shows examples of pinhole and homemade cameras with an explanation of how they were made and pictures taken with them. View cameras, panoramic cameras, spy cameras, underwater cameras, even a camera made out of Lego: cameras built from scratch or cannibalized from collections of broken cameras found in garage sales - all make an appearance. The book is a huge collection of quirky and charming inventions but it also has a practical side, showing how these marvelous contraptions are used to excellent effect when it comes to taking pictures.
ISBN: 2880467144
Publisher: RotoVision
Paperback : 144 pages
Language: English
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