Extreme Photography: The Hottest, Coldest, Fastest, Slowest, Nearest, Farthest, Brightest, Darkest, Largest, Smallest, Weirdest Images in t
by Terry Hope
Publisher's Description
Photography is about much more than putting the camera to the eye and pressing the shutter. Sometimes what is being recorded is impossible to approach in a conventional way, for a number of reasons: it's too small, too large, too far away, too hot, too cold, or hidden away somewhere the eye can't see. Extreme Photography takes the medium to the limits of possibility-and beyond human capability. Focusing on cutting-edge technology, Extreme Photography is a stunning showcase of what is photographically possible. From the invention of tiny spy cameras and those that can take photographs of our internal organs, to space photography, X-rays, time-lapse, temperature-resistant, and right-vision cameras, as well as cameras that can reproduce images of the human aura, this is the definitive guide to alternative image-making.
ISBN: 2880467608
Publisher: Rotovision
Paperback : 160 pages
Language: English
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