The Essential Black and White Photography Manual
by Mike Crawford
Publisher's Description
The only book that fans of black and white photography will ever need.

'Black and white is back!' announced the New York Institute of Photography recently and, indeed, black and white photography is an enduring passion for many serious amateur photographers.

The Essential Black and White Manual for Digital and Film Photographers is a comprehensive guide to black and white photography, both film and digital. It covers the range of cameras and lenses, accessories and other equipment, lighting, subjects, special effects, and historical context.

There’s a showcase of images by professionals, including many from up-and-coming stars of black and white photography. This is accompanied by anecdotal information on how the images were achieved which also looks at the merits of using film or digital. Step by step guides show how to achieve the best results from the key techniques for your black and white images, plus how to achieve successful presentation and how to use your images.
ISBN: 2880468256
Publisher: Rotovision
Hardcover : 192 pages
Language: English
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