Photographie Publicitaire En france. De Man Ray a Jean-Paul Goude
by Collectif
Publisher's Description
The use of photography in advertising began in the late 19th century but did not really develop until the 30s, with the new possibilities offered by technological advances in printing. Great photographers such as Laure Albin-Guillot (born in 1879) pioneered the discipline. This historical perspective focuses on the great pioneering studios such as Draeger and creators of photographic services in the newspapers such as Emmanuel Sougez at L’Illustration. After the Second World War, photography pervaded press advertising and consumer products. The triumph of colour in the 60s ushered in the reign of the great figures of the next generations, Guy Bourdin, Jean-Loup Sieff, Jean-Paul Goude, Serge Lutens and other creators of well-known images such as Jean-Claude Dewolf (Perrier and Monsavon campaigns), Jean-Pierre Ronzel (30 years of photography for Porsche and Volkswagen). Advertising photography today is perfectionist, provocative, aesthetic and theatrical, as illustrated by young talents such as Jean-Marie Vives (Fondation Nicolas Hulot) and Dimitri Daniloff (Playstation).
ISBN: 2901422888
Paperback Language: French
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