Luciano Rigolini

Luciano Rigolini - Surrogates
by S.vanetti Eds. L.rigolini
Publisher's Description
The documents gathered in this book represent used spare parts of cars and industrial vehicles. They were found on online auctioning websites. They were selected by Luciano Rigolini and were not touched up in any way.

The interest of Luciano Rigolini (born 1950 in Ticino, lives and works in Paris and Lugano) for vernacular photography questions this particular mode of representation of the real. He carefully collects neutral images of objects or urban furniture, removed of any human presence or trace, such as the photographs made for sales or industrial documentation catalogues. Collected, found on internet, presented as such, or thoroughly retouched and greatly enlarged, Luciano Rigolini's photographs reveal an aesthetic approach filled with sculptural, pictorial, and metaphorical qualities, all the while suggesting a reflection about our ability to see and perceive.
ISBN: 2909230120
Publisher: Centre Culturel Suisse
Hardcover : 128 pages
Language: French
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