Pierre Fátúmbí Verger

Dieux D'Afrique: Culte Des Orishas Et Vodouns a L'Ancienne Cote Des Esclaves En Afrique Et a Bahia, LA Baie De Tous Les Saints Au Bresil (Collection Soleil) (French Edition)
by Pierre Fatumi Verger
Publisher's Description
Originally published in 1954, Dieux d'Afrique is a stunning document of religious practices in Africa--everything from singing and dancing to animal sacrifices and ritual trances. Verger spent a number of years travelling around different regions in Africa, becoming part of the cultures in order to document them. These images are expressive of the deep commitment African cultures have to their religious rites, and serve in the present day as a historical marker of an ancient and beautiful culture.
ISBN: 2909571130
Publisher: Distributed Art Pub Inc (Dap)
Paperback : 416 pages
Language: French
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