Michael Levin

Cristina's History (French Edition)
by Michael Levin
Publisher's Description
In Franco-American artist Mikael Levin’s Cristina’s History, the four generation migration story of a branch of his family, from Poland to west African nation of Guinea-Bissau, via Portugal, is taken as a metaphor for the hopes and inevitable disappointments of modernity. Levin’s photographs of those three places are presented in a continuous horizontal band. The accompanying narrative interweaves the lives of the characters and the historical events to which those biographies are linked.

Texts are by Jonathan Boyarin, the author of Powers of Diaspora, by Carlos Schwarz, an agronomist living in Guinea-Bissau and a cousin of the artist, and by the art-historian and curator Jean-Francois Chevrier.
ISBN: 2912132606
Publisher: POINT DU JOUR
Paperback Language: French
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