André Kertész

kertesz made in usa
by André Kertész
Publisher's Description
"Perhaps more than any other photographer, André Kertész discovered and demonstrated the special aesthetics of the small camera. [...] In addition to this splendid and original quality of formal invention, there is in the work of Kertész another quality less easily analysed, but surely no less important. It is a sense of the sweetness of life, a free and childlike pleasure in the beauty of the world and the preciousness of sight."—John Szarkowski. Kertész was born in 1894 in Budapest, Hungary and made his way to Paris in 1925, settling in the neighborhood of Montparnasse. Political turmoil increased, and with hesitation, he and his wife moved to New York where he would spend the next several decades of his life. This bilingual edition (French/English) rightly puts his important oeuvre back in the mind of the photography community.
ISBN: 2912683297
Publisher: PC
Hardcover Language: French
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