Nobuyoshi Araki

Araki Mythology
by Jean-Christophe Ammann
Publisher's Description
Ammann's relatively brief essay-three short pages-is the primary reason to purchase Mythology. Of course, there are also 1500 black-and-white images, all classic Araki: Godzilla, cityscapes, flowers, the random cat, and scores of naked, and at times classically bound, women. But one of the ever-present difficulties-for a Western audience at least-is the absence of a cultural or theoretical framework with which to approach Araki's images. Seemingly unending volumes have been published and sell well, but one is never quite sure what to do with the work. How do you think about the bondage, the apparent degradation, the overt sexuality, the multitudinous symbolic objects employed continuously in his imagery? Ammann deftly maneuvers this symbolic-laden territory that Araki has built over 30 years of exuberant and excessive image-making. Araki's most
ISBN: 2913355080
Publisher: Images Modernes
Paperback : 252 pages
Language: English
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