Alberto Garcia-Alix: Lo Que Dura un Beso
by Brigitte Ollier
Publisher's Description
The raw power of life is one of the distinguishing features of Alberto Garcia-Alex’s photography, as he admits quite simply one springtime day in Madrid: “ I don’t have a huge ego. Life is what matters the most to me. I like borderline characters, people on the fringes. I prefer the losers, the ones who walk the line between good and bad.” His portraits are filled with humanity and sincerity, portraits that do not try to unmask their subject, but simply bring them to light, in the image of Diane Arbus and the visionary legacy she bequeathed to him. In his own words: “ I stand by human beings, those who are exploited, rejected, victims of society, like me.”
ISBN: 2914171137
Publisher: Edition Mennour
Hardcover : 132 pages
Language: English
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