Katharina Bosse

Katharina Bosse: New Burlesque (French Edition)
by Cecile Camart
Publisher's Description
The heyday of burlesque entertainment indisputably occurred between the 1900s and the 1930s, having been originally introduced to New York in 1868 by Englishwoman Lydia Thompson and her "British Blondes." The term burlesque was applied to any type of variety show that contained an element of strip tease, with costumes and characters becoming more and more extravagant as the years progressed. New Burlesque now refers to a revival of this turn-of-the-century form of entertainment. Katharina Bosse, whose first monograph was Surface Tension (Cat# PK645H), undertook an extensive journey across America to photograph, in full costume, the colorful characters of this movement in their day-to-day environments. The result is definitely sexy. Each photograph is accompanied by the performer’s stage name (eg. Dirty Martini, Kitty Crimson, Ruby Darling).
ISBN: 2914381476
Publisher: Filigranes
Paperback : 104 pages
Language: French
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