Liz Cohen

Liz Cohen: Bodywork
by Liz Cohen
Publisher's Description
This instantly collectible limited edition artist's book, featuring rounded edges and nine blown-in, four-color photographic images, documents a recent project by the daring and witty young American artist, Liz Cohen. In 2002, the artist began the process of importing the Trabant, once the most common car in East Germany, to the United States. Upon their arrival, Cohen set to work converting these Communist-era workhorses into supped-up hybrid American El Caminos. Black-and-white photographs and the artist's notes explain the process, and the glossy, blown-in photographs show the scantily clad, stiletto-shod artist posing in typical calendar-shot, car-model form on top of and alongside her works in progress, sometimes accompanied by the real-life mechanics who helped her to reach her dream.
ISBN: 2915359199
Publisher: Onestar Press/Galerie Laurent Godin
Hardcover : 48 pages
Language: English
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