Charles Fréger

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Charles Fréger: 2Nelson
by Charles Fréger
Publisher's Description
Charles Fréger finds his favorite portrait subjects clustered in social crowds,work teams, or collective structures or communities, and in fact those structures are as much his subjects as the people in them.Where better to look for the forces that draw people together and set them against one another than among children being coached to wrestle? United in purpose and set against one another on the mat, Fréger’s subjects seem to struggle against one another in soundless tension, the squeak of the mat silenced, the smack of a body in the air anticipated—one subject in the process of being hauled over his opponent’s back has zero points of contact with the ground.
ISBN: 2915409056
Publisher: Artimo/POC Editions
Hardcover : 40 pages
Language: English
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