Matthieu Gafsou

Matthieu Gafsou - Alpes (French Edition)
by Various
Publisher's Description
Swiss photographer Matthieu Gafsou takes a renewed look at the timeless mountain landscape of his homeland, drawing upon both its fascinating beauty and the sense of dread it instils – in short, a confrontation with the sublime. Beyond this, he also brings into focus the increasing ease of access to the famed mountain range for casual visitors and tourism, a phenomenon which threatens to reduce the powerful, almost metaphysical setting into a mere backdrop for snapshots. A critical essay by Aure´lien Me´troz and interview by Joe¨l Vacheron accompany the numerous breathtaking, full-colour images produced in high contrast with myriad shades of grey and white.
ISBN: 2919159054
Publisher: 19/80 Editions
Hardcover : 104 pages
Language: French
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