Capital of Heaven
by Marc Riboud
Publisher's Description
"The Capital of Heaven is the noblest peak of Huang Shan, the mountain range of central China that has been an inspiration to artists throughout Chinese history. Internationally acclaimed photographer Marc Riboud was enraptured by the beauty and mystery of Huang Shan and returned there four times to photograph its enigmatic splendor--mountain peaks rising majestically from swirling mists, pine trees etched in jaggedly exquisite silhouette against the sky, strange and fantastic formations of rock. Riboud also photographed the new generation of Chinese painters, poets, and lovers who visit the site in increasing numbers to rediscover its ineffable power and, in so doing, has captured an experience at once physical, aesthetic, and mystical: the intersection of a nation's art, landscape, and philosophy."--the publisher.
ISBN: 0385196652
Publisher: Doubleday
Hardcover : 143 pages
Language: English
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