Pascal Convert

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Lamento: Pascal Convert (1998-2005)
by Pascal Convert
Publisher's Description
The thought-provoking press image inspired art of Pascal Convert. Pascal Convert' is inspired by international press images - the Kosovo Pietà (Georges Mérillon - Gamma, 1990), the Death of Mohammed Al Dura, (after a still by Talal Abou Rahmeh, 2000) and the Madonna of Bentalha (Hocine Zaourar - AFP, 1997) - Three wax sculptures by the artist highlight the symbolic power of images, questioning their political and aesthetic characteristics, as well as their impact on the construction, memory and forgetfulness of history. This is a fascinating monograph with color plates of the artist's work and original press images. With texts by Catherine Millet (author, director of art press), Philippe Dagen (editor at Le Monde), Georges Didi-Huberman (art historian, philosopher) and Bernard Stiegler (philosopher).

Includes a DVD with the documentary films La Madone de Bentalha by Pascal Convert and La Pietà du Kosovo by Fabien Beziat.
ISBN: 2919923501
Publisher: Mudam Luxembourg
Hardcover : 272 pages
Language: French
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