Straight in the Light (French Edition)
by Michel Mazzoni
Publisher's Description
To explore such notions as time and space Michel Mazzoni uses photography, video installations, texts. He shows, exhibits, installs his territories. Since he so much questions desertion, desolation, so much searches for beauty beyond appearance, his choices are often rough.

His work is actually imbued with a sensitivity that gives heed to interactions between light immateriality, the point of view and the frame demand, like a continuous confrontation between perceptions. Seeing is enough, taking time, could we say. So Mazzoni is examining maps, observing towns, crossing all around backwards and forwards. Visitor of obliteration and vanished traces, in a way he is building up an archaeology of the intangible and inquiring through light long after the ephemeral.
ISBN: 2930115173
Publisher: ARP Editions
Paperback : 72 pages
Language: French
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