Satoru Toma

Satoru Toma - Ask the Cat (French Edition)
by Satoru Toma
Publisher's Description
A walk along Brussels' boundaries

As soon as I arrived in Brussels, I walked around a lot here and there, like a stray cat, to discover this new territory. I regularly took the tram, bus and metro at random and went to the terminus, to the edge of the city, to discover the contour of the city where I had decided to live. On the boundaries of the city, smart and underprivileged districts, industrial or abandoned sites, villages, countryside and forests lie next to one another. This is what I wanted to explore during my residence. Guided by a map of the Brussels Region, I gradually followed the limits like a cat wandering around from one place to the next. Walking, looking and getting a feel of the space: It took 9 months, during which I went to the outskirts of the Region several times a week, using public transport. I progressed slowly, carrying the camera on my shoulder, with no precise place to photograph; I looked and I stopped. It was a project that took me a lot of time; I think it suited me.

Satoru TOMA

ISBN: 2930537108
Publisher: Le Caillou bleu
Hardcover : 88 pages
Language: French
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