Stefan Vanthuyne

Stefan Vanthuyne - Remember The White Horse (English and French Edition)
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Publisher's Description
‘Remember the White Horses’ is a photo book of a family’s summer holiday in the French countryside. In a series of evocative black-and-white images, Stefan Vanthuyne presents fragments of the idyllic experiences shared by the photographer, his wife and their young child of two years – impressions that will last a lifetime. Also captured is the vulnerability Vanthuyne has felt upon becoming a father, and the incredible bond he observes between a mother and her son. In fact, the book is a documentation of those things which rise to the surface when a new family departs from their normal routines and context, bringing new realisations and emotional layers into their relationship.
ISBN: 2930537191
Publisher: Le Caillou Bleu
Hardcover : 36 pages
Language: French
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