Cristina Nunez

Cristina Nunez - But Beautiful
by Cristina Nunez
Publisher's Description
In 1988, in an attempt to overcome personal problems, Cristina Nuñez began taking self-portrait photographs. Giving shape to her emotions and revealing her presence to the world, enabling her to turn an uncompromising gaze upon herself, but also to project herself as she wanted to be, these images became a form of self-therapy and self-discovery. ?But Beautiful? is her endeavour to make sense of her past as a drug addict and prostitute, to explore the roots of her behaviour and actions, and find links with her ancestors. It has worked to soothe her inner pain. Nuñez has since used her personal experience to conceive an art-therapy method, which she teaches around the world.
ISBN: 2930537205
Publisher: Le Caillou Bleu
Hardcover : 80 pages
Language: English
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