Grégory Valton

dans la neige
by Gregory Valton
Publisher's Description
'Ten years have passed since my mother died. I came back home that Saturday at noon and the only thing I found was a note saying she was going… My father was working. I hated him for not having talked to her and myself for not having been at home that very morning.

More lucid on my photographic envies, but haunted with guilt and questionings concerned her suicide, I decided to go back to her native village in the Pyrénées, in order to active a work of memory. This village is stuck by the Spanish border, in the mountains, where my cousins and I used to spend our vacations. I arrived at the family house one morning after a 15 years' time gap. Everything was still as I had left them. I quickly got back my habits and ghosts.

I let the place overwhelm my senses and start taking pictures. I went back to my mother's customary places, trying to find pieces, traces and conflicting the pictures echo to those questions.

This is a portrait of absence, empty of any human representation, in which I wondered how to suggest death, how to render past times. My mother's own representation then being fragmentary and ultimately not as if it was nothing but stillness.'

Grégory Valton
ISBN: 2952011885
Publisher: POURSUITE
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