Lise Sarfati

Fashion Magazine by Lise Sarfati: Austin, Texas
by Lise Sarfati
Publisher's Description
Every issue of the Fashion Magazine is entirely produced by a single photographer, including fashion series and advertisements. In this new issue, Lise Sarfati returned to Austin, Texas, to photograph in their natural context the young women she had worked with on her earlier projects, in particular 'The New Life', in 2003. The girls have changed, they are a little older, and some about to emerge from adolescence.

In 'Austin, Texas - Fashion Magazine', Lise Sarfati explores territories of childhood, adolescence and adult womanhood, and seeks to record possible becomings. Explorations of identity that are encouraged by the clothing, which is both incidental and essential: on the one hand, the clothes seem to have been chosen for each model, on the other, they are secondary to the staging of the photo and the role played by the girls.

Sheathed in new clothes, the girls are no longer completely themselves; they've not just slipped into a different outfit, but a different skin.
ISBN: 2952410224
Publisher: Magnum Photos
Paperback : 216 pages
Language: French
Dimensions: 7.9 x 10.4 x 0 inches
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