Tokyo Tokyo
by Wassik Lundgren
Publisher's Description
Tokyo Tokyo – the name of the newest publication of WassinkLundgren echoes the series of diptychs that depict the daily urban life of the inhabitants of Japan’s megalopolis. Always twice, the Dutch artist duo WassinkLundgren catches its subject, from both sides, as if on a catwalk or in a flurry of journalistic flashbulbs. Always twice appear the various fragments of the surroundings, form a more complete image of the location and create animated situations that draw the viewer into the scene. Always twice, taken from two different angles, emerge the different neighborhoods in the background of the pictures, showing streets and trees, parks and houses, passersby and animals. Always twice, discarding the mythical ‘decisive moment’ of traditional documentary photography. From Ikebukuro to Odaiba, the book reveals a journey through Tokyo, capturing the existing range of ages, gender, and types of people, and revealing the social significance of the medium of photography, twice as strong.
ISBN: 3037470321
Publisher: Kudoji Press
Paperback Language: Japanese
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