Andreas Bitesnich

Tension: Andreas H. Bitesnich: Portfolio No. 27 (Spezial Fotografie)
by Andreas H. Bitesnich
Publisher's Description
Andreas H. Bitesnich
Stern Portfolio Library of Photography

10 color and 76 black & white illustrations, 10 x 14 in., 96 pp.

Every young photographer knows that there's no such thing as instant success. Andreas H. Bitesnich is the exception that proves the rule. Immediately after quitting his career in the retail industry to try his hand at photography it has been a non-stop ride, as everything this remarkable talent exposes with his camera turns to gold. Hardly surprising then that Bitesnich's first book, Nudes, was awarded the Kodak Photo Book Prize. Since this debut, Bitesnich has produced two more outstanding volumes, Woman, and Travel, revealing further aspects of his talents. Photographs from all of his books, as well as from his awardwinning work in advertising are included in this portfolio. In evidence here are his dramatic use of light and shadow, contours and texture. His inherently receptive eye, classical technique and love of detail are enhanced by a technical skill that makes his photographs sublime exercises of form, composition, and contrast. Whether he's reinventing the nude, reexamining the sensuous energy of the female body, or revisiting the world's remote cultures, Bitesnich imbues all his pictures with energy, originality, and artistry that make him one of the most exciting and versatile photographers working today.

Andreas H. Bitesnich was born in Vienna, Austria in 1964. He works internationally.
ISBN: 3570193454
Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Company
Paperback : 94 pages
Language: English
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