Daniel Cartier

Roses: Francoise And Daniel Cartier
by Martin Gasser
Publisher's Description
Delicately texture photograms awash in pink light are featured in this sensuous monograph from the Swiss husband and wife team, Francoise and Daniel Cartier. In choosing this age-old photographic process, the artists lure the viewers in with opulent surfaces and rich tonalities. Through the photographer's ephemeral lens, the most common objects are transformed into subtle, transient representations. From doll clothes and X-rays to woman's underwear and locks of hair, the images hint at an interwoven personal narrative. Image after image is coated in a stimulating sentimentality, exhibiting the delicacies of light and the transcendental beauty of early photographic processes. With over 200 reproductions, Roses leaves one longing for more.
ISBN: 3721206002
Publisher: Arthur Niggli
Hardcover : 128 pages
Language: English
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