Werner Pawlok

Photography Paintings
by Werner Pawlok
Publisher's Description
This handsome monograph of Pawlok's work has been assembled from a traveling exhibition that visited many European museums in 1992. "Werner Pawlok has not only liberated the aesthetic forces of photography, but he has also succeeded in finding new paths for photography by taking advantage of the ever increasing development in industrial technology. . . . His flowers are colorful variations of Robert Mapplethorpe's `Lilies' in their sensuality and beauty. His elegantly proportioned faces and figures seem to be borrowed from the archives of art history. . . ."--Thomas Buchsteiner. This beautiful book will please anyone interested in Pawlok's work and the development of European photography.
ISBN: 3723100147
Publisher: Distributed Art Pub Inc (Dap)
Hardcover : 72 pages
Language: English
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