The Computer Artist's Handbook: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications
by Lillian F. Schwartz
Publisher's Description
This illustrated resource covers concepts, techniques, and applications across the whole range of artistic media and disciplines, from drawing and painting through graphics, animation, and video, to computer-controlled art and computerized analysis of the art of the past. "Lillian Schwart'z book is invaluable both to the novice, who will learn about important skills, gain valuable information, and be warned of dangers to avoid, and to the professional, who will delight in the anecdotes of an artist whose personal development unfolds together with the field itself."--from the introduction by Tim Binkley, director of computer education, School of Visual Arts.
ISBN: 0393027953
Publisher: W W Norton & Co Inc (Np)
Hardcover : 342 pages
Language: English
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