Lois Renner

Lois Renner: Pictures 1991-2002
by Rupert Pfab
Publisher's Description
Lois Renner's photographic works show seemingly ordinary depictions of artists' studios. And yet, the furniture-utterly diverse in scale, consisting of found objects from the artist's surroundings as well as paintings-confuse the viewer's sense of spatial logic and evoke thoughts of photomontage or digital reprocessing. In reality, Renner rebuilt the old studio at his Salzburg house on a 1:10 scale at his studio in Vienna and proceeded to photograph this carefully composed model from different points of view-a photographic method explicitly oriented on the complex structure of old paintings, thus uniting the possibilities of both media, painting and photography. The picture index at hand, which was compiled in close cooperation with the artist, documents the development of Lois Renner's work since 1991, including his newest pieces.
ISBN: 3775713190
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Publishers
Hardcover : 324 pages
Language: English
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