Thomas Ruff

Thomas Ruff: Machines
by Thomas Ruff
Publisher's Description
Arguably the most versatile artist of the Düsseldorf School, Thomas Ruff reinvents himself as an artist, both conceptually and aesthetically, with each new body of work. From architectural photography to portraits, from aerial views and cityscapes to color abstractions and internet-derived nudes, Ruff constantly challenges the given meanings of photography. This book presents for the first time his most recent body of work, the so-called 'Machine' pictures. In this series, Ruff borrows from the picture archive of a Düsseldorf machine factory, where he discovered glass negatives that had been used for commercial brochures. The artist scanned the negatives and then proceeded to digitally alter their color and size. By freeing these images from their original context and re-processing them, Ruff grants them a pictorial autonomy. Thus, with the Machines series, Ruff not only investigates the history of photography, but also ponders such fundamental questions as how something can appear in a picture, how we perceive pictures, and what role our assumptions about media play.
ISBN: 3775714235
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Publishers
Hardcover : 96 pages
Language: German
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