Erwin Wurm: I Love My Time, I Don't Like My Time
by Berin Golonu
Publisher's Description
Austrian artist-provocateur Erwin Wurm has gained an international reputation for challenging traditional notions of sculpture, photography, performance art, and drawing. His classic One Minute Sculptures invite audiences to participate in the creation of temporary sculptures by combining their bodies with a variety of common objects according to the artist's instructional drawings. Erwin Wurm: I Love My Time, I Don’t Like My Time is a comprehensive survey that highlights more than 10 years of intelligent, elegant, and humorous production. It includes staged scenarios for the creation of select One Minute Sculptures; the photo series Instructions for Idleness (2001), How to Be Politically Incorrect (2002-2003), Thinking About Philosophy (2004), and Hotel Rooms (2001); a selection of video images from 59 Positions (1992), Flight Simulator (1998), and Adelphi Sculptures (1999); and other projects. The centerpiece is Wurm’s I Love My Time, I Don't Like My Time (2003), the latest in the artist's Fat series, which explores the wild and dark potential of digital animation.
ISBN: 3775715479
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Publishers
Hardcover : 384 pages
Language: English
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