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Ville Lenkkeri: Reality in the Making
by Robert Enoch
Publisher's Description
Early in his career, Ville Lenkkeri studied film, and film remains a strong influence. In one series titled Movies, the young Helsinki School photographer (born in 1972) investigated the relationship between cinema and photography; his latest, The World As We Know , employs a cinematic strategy. Here, he photographs paintings and scenes-within-a-scene, from murals in waiting rooms to three-dimensional dioramas in natural science museums, trompe-l'oeil art in settings he describes as 'public places to which people do not have intimate relationships, but still a relationship often the people in pictures have worked in these places for a long time.' The presence of such a figure, a museum guard or a visitor, heightens the ambivalence the artist is looking for, keeping readers in the disturbing, unfocused zone between reality and fiction.
ISBN: 377571880X
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Hardcover : 144 pages
Language: English
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